Change and restructures are often fraught with problems.

APA’s change management programs designed to provide support where it’s most needed and ensure restructures go as smoothly as possible.

We have programs dedicated to people leaders, HR Managers and employees to help them implement change via individual intervention and group workshops.


The program suite consists of:

Change planning and support

This step involves advising on communication approaches, helping plan and script notifications of change, and training managers in the most appropriate way to deliver separation messages. It also includes being an experienced and effective sounding board on redundancy issues.

Manager notification training

Nobody enjoys announcing redundancies to their co-workers.  We train your managers with the skills they need to do conduct these meetings effectively and compassionately and with the least possible anxiety to themselves.

Onsite support

APA provides immediate counselling and support to people impacted by redundancy, which significantly improves the effectiveness of the career transition period.

Managing through times of change

Maintaining productivity during a transition period takes a special set of skills.  This workshop provides an opportunity for open and facilitated dialogue on specific strategies for managers to maintain engagement and productivity in their teams (and for themselves) during the transition period.

Post notification briefing for Managers

This session helps managers express their concerns and work through the range of feelings that may arise. Logistical and practical experiences may be discussed to improve the handling of future notification meetings.

Managing your personal brand

This workshop focuses on tools and strategies for building resilience.  By understanding the differences in human reactions to change, you learn to assist all employees to develop greater self-assurance in periods of uncertainty.


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