Retaining and re-engaging your
diverse and valuable talent pool.

Executive teams and boards are increasingly focused on strategies that support a diverse talent pool and look to HR professionals for guidance on appropriate initiatives to achieve this goal. When employees become parents, the experience can substantially shift career expectations and the disconnect that comes from time out of the workforce can make it difficult for an employee to successfully re-integrate. Experience has shown that during a period of parental leave, confidence in skills and abilities can often diminish, which can in turn impede the transition back to work after a period of extended leave and have long term implications for career development.

Our Parents with Careers program provides proven value and support for this journey. It assists organisations to support their valued employees both as they are commencing and returning from parental leave, by giving them the knowledge, skills and responsibility for keeping their career on track.

Our primary focus in this program is to ensure that participants have a clear view of their career into the future and can manage through the transition to parenthood with as little disruption as possible to their career. The program increases the employee's ability to take charge of their future, and equally importantly, helps ensure a smooth and effective transition back into the organisation after a period of parental leave.

Utilising our Parents with Careers program helps retain and re-engage this valuable talent pool, enhances your reputation as an employer of choice and demonstrates your commitment to diversity and gender equity. This program can be delivered in a high-touch one-on-one meeting format, in groups or as a combination of both.


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