Over the next decade, as more people than ever before
approach retirement, individuals and
organisations will find both challenges and opportunities.

For this generation, retirement is no longer a single act - it has become an encore, a career transition as rich and as complex as any in our lives. For those who have not thought about what has gone before and what is still to come, retirement can loom threateningly. As unanswered questions of new meaning and new identity rear up, organisations also need to find answers. How do we maintain engagement for this part of our workforce? What is the best way for each of them to contribute in this phase? How do we manage the transition out of full-time employment in a way that is beneficial, respectful and appropriate in each situation?

In response to these challenges, Audrey Page & Associates has developed a pre-retirement program suite called Encore - Approaching Retirement. Our programs help employees continue to make a strong contribution in the workplace as they build the foundations for a meaningful life beyond full-time work.

Our Encore programs also enable organisations to make informed workforce planning decisions, retain corporate wisdom and leverage this important talent pool. Program delivery options include a one-on-one format, group workshops or a combination of both. All programs include specialist finance, health and retirement planning support and advice.


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