What can you expect from your APA career transition program?

A clear path to success

You'll work with a highly experienced career consultant who'll help you map out the way forward and design a career plan and job search strategy that delivers satisfaction and career success. You'll gain an understanding of your strengths, preferences and possibilities as well as the know-how to translate that into your next role. 

A competitive edge

Good may not be good enough in today's competitive job market. You don't have to rely on luck or trial and error to get it right. We will help you develop a powerful resume, well-honed interview skills, networking and research capabilities. Whatever your target role or industry, we will help make your approach to job search powerful and effective.

Speedier transition

Our participants have found that when they take advantage of the resources, expertise and practical assistance we provide, they move into their next role more quickly and adeptly than those who go it alone. 

Not just any job...

You don't have to settle for just any job or the first one that comes along. We'll help you turn the situation into a genuine opportunity to either build or reconnect with a career path that delivers what you're looking for.

Professional assistance

You'll have a dedicated consultant whose focus is on what's right for you. There's no one size fits all approach that shoehorns you into a pre-determined process. We work with you to develop an individual approach and tailor your program to meet your needs. We truly go above and beyond.

Support when and where you need it

We offer a variety of ways for your consultant to support you.  This can be face to face, via telephone or email, online in a virtual meeting space - or a combination of all of these options.  This means that no matter where you are - either in the city or regionally based - we can tailor your program to meet your needs.

Looking further forward

Many of us never plan a long term career path, but now might be the best time to assess your direction. APA will provide tools, insights and strategies to help you make those long term career plans


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