It's one thing for us to say that we are better at what we do.
That we're different. That we try harder.
We prefer to let our results speak for themselves.

After their program, 98% of our participants rate their experience with us in the highest terms. We take real pride in that number.

We also ask Career Transition participants whether they would recommend their former workplace to others. After working with us 80% reflect positively on their previous employer and recommend them as a "great place to work".  This demonstrates that our programs foster positivity in our participants not just towards themselves, but their previous employer as well. That's a great outcome for everyone.

In many ways, a focus on positive outcomes is what characterises our approach. It's an approach that has continued to grow over three decades. As our business and service offerings have grown, so too has our approach to partnerships. And we won't stop evolving and adapting in an ever-changing workplace.


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