The Power of our Passion

APA is widely acknowledged for setting the benchmark for quality, expertise and service in career management. We have achieved this because we love what we do. At our core is a passion for our work, and a deep sense of purpose pervades our organisation. We feel honoured to be able to play this vital role for people at a critical time in their career. From this spirit come excellence, dedication and inspiration.


Flexible Tailored Programs

Each program we deliver is personally tailored to be fully responsive to the individual needs of each participant, and we facilitate case discussions amongst consultants to ensure that learning's are shared and alternative approaches discussed.

Wholly Australian Company, Programs and Services

As a wholly owned and managed Australian company, our methodologies, programs and services have been designed to meet the needs of the local market and business community. APA fundamentally believes participants need program material that provides a complete understanding of Australia's specific commercial cultures.

Local Approach, Global Reach

Through our membership of Arbora Global Career Partners, we can service your needs wherever in the world they occur, using high quality local providers in tune with their own culture and business environment.

Scale to Handle Large Changes

As we have grown through the years, our capacity to assist Australia's biggest businesses with large-scale, major change projects has been proven time and time again.  We have both a national presence and a business model that allows us to meet constantly changing demands in volume, location and services.  With over 75 professional career consultants nationally, and with large, well-appointed office facilities in every major capital city, APA has a demonstrable record of maintaining our exemplary standards when supporting large numbers of participants.

The Executive Specialist

Our experience with executives is highly regarded. Our team of executive consultants has the experience, knowledge and credibility to work effectively with business leaders to assist them in navigating their careers. We regularly work with CEOs and other C-suite officers of some of Australia's top organisations.

Solid, Evidence-Based Approaches

APA uses proven, well researched models from the behavioural sciences to design effective program delivery. Additionally and uniquely among Australian career management providers, we are committed to a program of ongoing research and development to ensure we contribute to and leverage the shared knowledge base that informs our practice.

Our Focus on Wellbeing

All our work has an underlying theme of wellbeing, and we use a wide range of approaches from the field of psychology to help our participants operate from a positive frame of mind. As an example, we have in place a regular workshop program that encourages people to adopt mindfulness practices in their job search, a technique proven to boost success and wellbeing.

Generosity of Spirit
A hallmark of our approach is generosity.  All participants have a dedicated consultant for the period of their program.  Our program inputs are not meticulously rationed to contain our delivery costs. Consultants are encouraged to ensure that participants have the support they need to manage their careers successfully, and if that means over-delivering on our inputs, so be it. 

Our Brilliant Team
APA has assembled a team of career management professionals with backgrounds and abilities that enable them to work effectively with employees at all levels.

Participant Access to Extensive Research Databases

We provide access to an extensive range of research databases to all of our participants and consultants.  This provides them with the ability to thoroughly research industries and companies that participants are targeting for roles. 

These databases (including ABIX, LexisNexis, IBISWorld, Avention, BIS Shrapnel, Deloitte Access Economics and Directory of Australian Associations) would cost individuals thousands of dollars to access on their own.  Along with a two half day training course on how to optimise usage of these sources as well as how to access the hidden internet, our participants are able to research more deeply and richly , helping them design their career path, explore alternatives and prepare for applications and interviews.  We think being fully informed about future employers is one of the most important aspects of a professional and successful career transition


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