Frequently asked questions

How is APA different from other Career Management companies?

Together with Directioneering, we are the largest career management company in Australia. Our heritage gives us the expertise and flexibility to dedicate ourselves to your needs and your business.

Another key difference is our generosity of spirit. There is a heart to our business.  It's the desire and drive to truly help, and the depth of expertise that sets us apart.

How can APA support us during restructures?

APA can support you in a number of ways to help ensure restructures run as smoothly as possible.  Give us a call to discuss your specific needs. 

Two ways we commonly support organisations during restructures are:

  • Manager Notification Training: Few people enjoy announcing redundancies to their co-workers.  We train your managers to conduct these meetings effectively and compassionately and with the least possible anxiety to themselves and affected employees.
  • Onsite Support: APA can provide immediate counselling and support to employees impacted on announcement day. This gives the employee a sense of the support they are being offered by you and helps to start them on the road to optimism and transition.

Does APA offer other services apart from Career Transition (Outplacement)?

Yes we do. Our core expertise lies in working with organisations, and the people in them, to optimise performance and successfully navigate through all major stages of the career lifecycle. That's what career management is all about and that's what forms the foundation of our program suite:

  • Redeployment
  • Talent and High Potential Programs
  • Parents with Careers
  • Encore: Approaching Retirement
  • Professional Presence
  • Expatriate Careers
  • Executive Coaching 

Can you handle large-scale staff movements?

Absolutely. We have handled major change projects for some of Australia's biggest companies for many years. Whatever the scale of your challenge, we have the capacity and resources to fully support you.

What facilities do you have, and where are your offices?

We have well-appointed facilities with private offices for executive level programs and individual workstations for non-executive programs in convenient CBD locations throughout Australia. All workspaces are equipped with phones, PCs, printers, photocopiers, high speed internet and WiFi access. We encourage anyone considering our services to visit our premises in person.

How do you cover regional locations?

Our reach is Australia wide and we're no strangers to delivering programs and support in regional and remote locations.  This means that no matter where you are, we can support you, and we use a variety of delivery options to achieve a consistent outcome across Australia.

Can you support us globally?

We have a network that provides support around the globe. APA is a founding member of Arbora, the largest international Career Management alliance in the world.  Arbora's network of high quality independent providers ensures we can call on world-class partners and excellent facilities, providing a global reach with a local touch.

We also have a strong focus on supporting expatriate careers. Ask us how we can help to maximise and safeguard your investment in expatriate talent.

What is your satisfaction rating?

Of all participants surveyed 97% would recommend APA to others going through similar transitions. It's a similar result with our corporate partners who say they were were happy with our performance and would use our services again if the need arises.


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